Strat Americas @ Miami’s The Lab in March – “Brainfood”

Feb 18, 2016

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Why Those Free Music Streams Aren’t Forever

Oct 31, 2015

These days, music streams seem more like a utility than a privilege. Whether you use Spotify, Pandora, Rdio, or upstart 8tracks, streaming music is not a scarce commodity. It’s more like water. In fact, there’s so much digital music available—by stream, playlist, or even download—one can reasonably ask if there’s simply too much out there. But it wasn’t always that way. And recent developments hint that things could really change. Looking back, six years ago, when major labels agreed to launch Spotify in the U.S., they made a simple bet: Spotify, the biggest of a new generation of unlimited streaming

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Strat Americas at the NY Media Festival

Sep 20, 2015

Very pleased to be participating in the NY Media Festival.  Seth Schachner will moderate a fireside chat with Sony Music’s Global Head of Digital Business and moderate an International Panel. NY Media Festival – October

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Artists, Apps, Money: A Great App Isn’t Enough

Aug 23, 2015

Recently, I’ve helped a number of artist-oriented music apps develop business partnerships around the globe. While they come from widely different backgrounds, all of these apps seek the same goals: grab an artist’s audience, engage them, and monetize that engagement, digitally of course–with advertising, brand sponsors, “in app” purchases, or on rarer occasions, by selling recorded music. Most of these apps want to tap into the perceived business potential of an artist’s community–to get that artist to tweet or give a shout out on Facebook to drive usage of the app, driving consumer engagement and setting the stage for their

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Apple and the Race to Co-Exist: My Thoughts in the Guardian

Jul 03, 2015

The Guardian Media Network June 10, 2015 Fifteen years ago, the first digital music subscription services made a strange proposition to consumers: come rent your music, digitally, for a monthly fee. At the time, CDs and physical record stores were in the ascendant and file sharers like Napster went uncontested by strong digital alternatives. Few even understood the concept of renting digital music. It was definitely an idea before its time. Early attempts such as MediaNet, Press Play, and Full Audio shrivelled, while hardy survivors like Rhapsody survived on the fringes. It took Apple to change matters. When iTunes launched in 2003,

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