We are a business development enterprise which provides strategic guidance and helps connect and implement partnerships. We specialize in digital and mobile markets. We have both global as well as Latin American experience. Key assets include a deep network and connectivity to major deal partners.


Strat Americas is a Miami-based business development enterprise which works globally to help its clients identify, source, and implement partnerships.  Founded in 2010 by Seth Schachner, a former Sony and Microsoft executive, Strat Americas now works with a variety of global clients in North America, Latin America, and Europe.  Recent achievements for our clients include partnerships with Microsoft's Xbox, Amazon, and digital radio partnerships for a major Latin American media network.

Seth was instrumental in helping us form key partnerships with large companies. He has a broad network, he's incredibly knowledgeable about media/technology, and Seth is a joy to work with. I highly recommend him.
- Seung Bak, Co-Founder, CEO Drama Fever
I can recommend Seth without reservation as an outstanding critical thinker and business developer. While at Sony Music, he was directly responsible for several of the largest and most profitable business transactions that our division had ever produced.
- Kevin Lawrie, Former President, Sony Music Entertainment

Seth is a rare talent and world-class negotiator. I met Seth during a crucial moment of the renegotiation of the partnership betweeen Fox Sports and Microsoft and he should be credited with maintaining a "win-win" perspective and ultimately the positive outcome of the partnership. Seth is a classic business development executive that is able to diagnose the strategic relevance of a potential deal and yet rise above the rest through his unrelenting pursuit of a positive outcome.

--Damon Johnson, Sony Entertainment